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Ryan Vogelsong Contract: 'No Better Place For Me Than In San Francisco'

With the news that Ryan Vogelsong has resigned with the San Francisco Giants comes a very excited Vogelsong, who’s rise within the Giants organization last season put him from castoff to All-Star in the span of one season.

Vogey certainly isn’t lacking any confidence after signing his slightly bigger than expected contract:

"The five of us connected very well," Vogelsong said. "We have that competition between us and we want to pick each other up. I definitely learned some things about pitching from all of them. I tell you what, we’ve got a good group. Ill put us up against anybody else in the league, no doubt."

And when asked about his contract, two-years $8.3 million, Vogelsong couldn’t have been more excited:

"the best of both worlds for me. The second year gives me job security and there’s no better place for me to be than in San Francisco. I obviously have a great connection with the fans there and I’m very comfortable with the manager and the coaching staff. I feel we’ll put a team on the field that can win. I enjoy living in San Francisco. To know I’ll be there for two years, and maybe three, is a perfect fit for me."

If Vogelsong can keep his numbers similar to where they were in 2011 (13-7 2.71 ERA, 139 K) he may just wind up on the All-Star team again. But that can’t necessarily be expected of him, a 34 year-old guy who’s taken a wacky route to get back to the bigs, plus hitters will have another year of experience against him. I expect him to have a solid year, but not as spectacular as 2011.

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