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San Francisco Giants Spring Training 2012: Pitchers & Catchers Report Feb. 18, Full Squad Feb. 23

The San Francisco Giants have announced the beginning of Spring Training as pitcher and catchers are to report Feb. 18 while the rest of the team to join them Feb. 23.

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It's been a rather mild and dry winter thus far in the Bay Area, not unlike the winters in Scottsdale, AZ in fact, where San Francisco Giants pitchers & catchers will report for Spring Training on February 18 while the rest of the squad will join them on February 23.

There are a lot of interesting questions going into Spring Training this season as the team continues to negotiate with Matt Cain and tim Lincecum on contract extensions to remain by the Bay long-term, while Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez enter camp still rehabilitating 2011 injuries, trying to get back to their productive, former selves.

Then there's the new additions to the squad, Melky Cabrera and Angel Pagan. How they will fit into the offense? Will Brandon Belt finally show some elongated productivity? Will Brandon Crawford add some lumber (any lumber) to go along with his terrific glove? Hopefully some of these answers will come to light under the Arizona sun.

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