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Ryan Vogelsong Signed By San Francisco Giants To Two Year Deal

The San Francisco Giants will get at least one deal done to appease the fanbase. Ryan Vogelsong will be with the club for a few more years. According to Jon Morosi, the deal amounts to $8 million for two years plus the option, which is not at all bad value for a pitcher who could be experiencing a career resurgence. It also avoids an arbitration case which would've been hard to sort out.

Vogelsong was one of the few bright spots of a painful 2011 campaign for the Giants, finishing with an impressive 2.71 ERA with a 1.25 WHIP for the team. Vogelsong lost a couple of games because the Giants would provide him with no run support. It made sense to lock him up a little longer to try and ensure the pitching staff remained as strong as possible for the next few seasons.

So the Giants have at least one of their best pitchers back from last year's rotation. Will they now be able to have to the flexibility to try and lock up Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum to long-term deals?

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