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Brandon Belt To Play In Dominican Winter League This Offseason

After a bit of speculation San Francisco Giants’ skipper Bruce Bochy made it clear that rookie Brandon Belt will play in the Dominican winter league during the offseason to get some more work in the outfield and get more comfortable with breaking pitches at the plate according to Andrew Baggarly.

“After talking with him [Bochy], I really think it’s going to make me a better player,” said Belt, who was working with the Giants to find a roster spot. “If it’s the best thing for me, then it’s important that I go. There’s a lot I can work on, and it’d probably be for just half a season.”

Recent call up Justin Christian felt that his time down in the Mexican league last season helped him considerably after seeing lots and lots of off speed stuff in hitter’s counts, something Belt definitely needs to get more confortable with. Along with his need for some improvement, the Giants also have Aubrey Huff on the books for $10 million next season, meaning that if Belt wants to be a regular in 2012 it will likely come from the outfield position.

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