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Poll: Should Giants Make AT&T More Hitter Friendly?

The San Francisco Giants will finish the season as one of the lowest scoring teams in baseball, causing Brian Babean and his braintrust to try to create a team with more punch at the plate for 2012. But beat writer Andrew Baggarly posed a simple question to a few Giants about how they could boost the offense recently, and got some surprising results. Would making changes to the dimensions of the park aid the Black and Orange with scoring more runs? What do you think? Make the jump to cast your vote.

Veteran utility-man Mark DeRosa felt very strongly about making some changes at AT&T, especially out in triple's alley; a place where 400 ft. long balls go to die:

"Without a doubt. Maybe you don't move the fences in. But I think you saw maybe two balls go out to right-center this year. So they definitely should cut the corner. Have another wall go across. Maybe put something nice back there. I don't know. Does San Francisco have a city tree?"

The Giants hit only 40 dingers at home this season, the lowest of any team in MLB, compared to the 90 put up by the division winning Diamondbacks. Could all that really be attributed to just poor hitting by San Francisco? The dank, thick air around McCovey Cove is almost as such to have baseballs stripped of their humidity, the opposite of how balls are treated at Coors Field in Denver. We might actually see a long ball hit the giant glove out in left field, or land 40 feet past the walkway behind the stadium, hitting boats floating in the Cove. But I digress.

Cutting triple's alley and putting in some more seats, or a cafe, or a sandbox like Petco Park, or a swimming pool like Chase Field; basically anything except that homer-eating bermuda triangle, would be a sight for sore eyes for players and fans alike.

So what do you think?