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Giants Injury Update: Pablo Sandoval Shoulder Issues Might Not Be Serious Enough For Surgery

The San Francisco Giants have had terrible injury issues this year. But it looks like there won't be any additional troubles that extend past the regular season. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Giants manager Bruce Bochy hinted that third baseman Pablo Sandoval might require surgery after the season ended after straining his shoulder against the Atlanta Braves. He hasn't been able to hit right-handed in quite some time and it looked like it was going to hold him back until he healed in the offseason.

However, that alarmist story wasn't as bad as it sounded. Andrew Baggarly of the Silicon Valley Mercury News reported that Sandoval will be traveling to Taiwan a month after the season ends in an exhibition goodwill tour. Bochy now seems more confident that Sandoval won't need any surgery.

Now Kung Fu Panda goes to a place where he can grow an even bigger following, and save Asia from Tai Lung.

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