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Brian Wilson's Marty McFly Nike's Takes Him Back To The Future For a Good Cause

You may or may not have seen Brian Wilson's kicks in the San Francisco Giants dugout last night at Coors Field, but either way here they are again

via Bay Area Sports Guy

Yeah, I know. Awesome. If you're a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy, you are well aware that these are basically an exact replica of Marty McFly's Nike Air MAG sneakers; yes the one's that use magnets to levitate. Unfortunately these can not levitate yet, nor will they be able to self-lace (until 2015 anyway), but were created for a terrific foundation to help a terrific cause. Make the jump to learn more, and a few awesome videos of these iconic kicks. 

Nike has partnered with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research to create the Back 4 The Future Project in which 1500 pairs of the Nike MAGs to be auctioned on Ebay, with approximately 150 pairs a day released daily on the website until September 17. If you really, really just have to have a pair, get ready to open your pocketbook up, with the minimum price you'll likely spend on them is $2000. But on the other hand, they are for a good cause, and are rather ridiculously awesome. 

Wilson bought himself two pair for charity, and certainly might have aided in their 9-1 victory over the Rockies. I just hope he's wearing them tonight, and hopefully the rest of the year if they keep winning. 

Maybe, just maybe, they're the 2011 version of the rally thong. 

Here's a little video from Nike, including Kevin Durant and the Doc.

Back For The Future (via NikeB4TF)


And just cause this scene is awesome:

Hover Board Chase Scene - Back to the Future Part 2 Movie (1989) - HD (via movieclips)