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Pablo Sandoval Cycle: Watch The Panda Hit For the Cycle At Coors Field

San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval became the 25th Giant to hit for the cycle in the franchise's history on Thursday night blasting a two run bomb in the first, a single in the second, a double in the fifth and a good-bounce triple in the seventh. He is only the 10th San Francisco Giant to achieve the feat since Fred Lewis back on May 13, 2007.

Pablo has been one of the best stories of the team this year, turning around his abysmal 2010 campaign with a .308/.352./.531 line in 2011. From riding the pine for the most of the postseason last season to and RBI double in the All-Star game this year to now entering the history books with the cycle, Pablo has much to be proud of.

Make the jump for a little video montage of Pablo's historic feat.

For your viewing pleasure:



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