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Bill Neukom's Resignation Letter Shows His Heart Really Is In San Francisco

Even as the San Francisco Giants’ General Managing Partner and CEO Bill Neukom gets ready to ride into the sunset, his poise and sincerity are unshaken. So much so he took the time to write a letter to Giants fans Thursday after his press conference, getting right to the heart of the people and showing how much his time within the Giants organization has meant to him.

Neukom has been a part of the Giants since he was young, and understands the rich history the team has as well as the fans themselves:

In many ways, the Giants are a community asset in the same way a museum or symphony are part of the fabric of a city. Those of us who are fortunate to work for an organization as special as the Giants are in fact “stewards” of an entity that belongs to the broader community – to each of you. It has been a privilege to lead the organization and to work with a talented group of individuals who have dedicated their lives to stewarding this civic treasure.

The former Microsoft lawyer accomplished a lot during his tenure as CEO and General Managing Partner, and in a sense is leaving on the top of the world. He helped bring a World Championship to the City, brought the masses to the ballpark night after night, and returned the winning culture to this historic franchise:

Together, we have accomplished a number of objectives – returning to winning baseball, instituting professional managements systems, integrating the business and the baseball operations, creating strong attendance and revenue momentum, and, of course the ultimate objective of bringing a World Championship to San Francisco. In sum, the state of the Giants is stronger than ever.

Even as Chairman Emeritus in 2012 Neukom will be around the team a lot, mostly in the stands hopefully. He plans on being a season ticket holder even though he’s divesting his 20% stake in the team, sticking with his team like a true fan:

It has truly been an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with you to root for our favorite team. I thank you for sharing your passion and, most importantly, your generosity.