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VIDEO: Understanding 'The Giants Way' By Bill Neukom

Being the CEO of a baseball team is an incredibly crucial position, because your daily decisions trickle down to effect a lot of people's lives. Former San Francisco Giants CEO and Managing Partner Bill Neukom fully understood this, and was in part the reason he decided to create 'The Giants Way;' a simple handbook created by Nuekom on how "to articulate a successful baseball program and successful business program."

The 3 page pamphlet if you will explains what it takes on and off the field to have a winning franchise is all senses of the word. From the minor league affiliates to the season ticket holders, from the most casual of fans to the families of the players, taking care of all of them was vital to the success of the franchise. Neukom also has a firm understanding of the business side of the game as well, and talks about how important it is to integrate the two sides of the game into a tangible product that is a long-term winner, not a flash in the pan.

Inside The Giants' Way (via lscottvideo)