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Aaron Rowand, Miguel Tejada DFA'd by Giants

In a possible move to cut some extra baggage for the rest of the season the San Francisco Giants have designated veterans Aaron Rowand and Miguel Tejada for assignment. The timing couldn't be more telling as the rosters expand tomorrow, signaling that the Black and Orange aren't trying to keep two of their worst contracts on the team, possbily holding them back from a playoff run. 

Rowand may have struck a nerve after an interview that seemingly dissed San Francisco still has one year on his five-year, $60 million contract he signed in December of 2007. He's batted just .253/.310/.394 with a .704 OPS during his tenure with the Giants, not exactly living up to the standards the team thought he would reach. The 34-year-old is holding the Giants hostage for $12 million in 2012, but could be a useful platoon/bench veteran for another team, for the league minimum of course.

As for Tejada, he's been handcuffing the Giants all season long, but his mini pity party the other day may have been the last straw. GM Brian Sabean signed him to a one-year, $6.5 million contract during the offseason, but has been piss-poor for San Francisco, batting just .239/.270/.326 with four home runs, along with a .596 OPS over 343 plate appearances this year.

I can't speak for everyone, but personally I'm really, really, glad to see these guys go. I think many a Giants fan will rejoice with their departure, opening up spots for some talented youngsters on the up and up, such as Brett Pill and Eric Surkamp

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