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Giants vs. Cubs: Carlos Beltran Hears "Boos" From Crowd

The transition to San Francisco has not been an easy one for Carlos Beltran since coming over in July. He drew the ire from the Giants faithful for hitting the disabled list with an injured wrist just a few days after joining the team and he has struggled to consistently play well since returning to the field.

It hit an all-time high on Wednesday night. After his fourth hitless at-bat of the night, the boo birds came out in pretty strong force at AT&T Park. 

Carlos Beltran stranded two runners in the third, the fifth and now the seventh. The boos are getting pretty loud here.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


Going 0-for-4 with six runners left on base is never good for any player, but Beltran has been held to a higher level of scrutiny over the last few weeks. The man who was dubbed the savior of a struggling offense has been anything but that and is now hearing it from the fans.

The Giants currently trail the Cubs 5-2 in the eighth inning. A loss would be the team's third straight and would move them to six games back in the NL West.