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Brian Wilson Tells Manager Bruce Bochy, "I'm Back"

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson is close to returning and will throw off of a mound soon, according to Amy Gutierrez. Wilson apparently stopped by manager Bruce Bochy's offense to let Bochy know about his progress on Tuesday, simply stating, "I'm Back."

Wilson has been out with an elbow injury since Aug. 15th, hurting his arm during a 5-4 loss to the Atlanta Braves. Wilson has been working his way back slowly, playing catch late last week and continuing to test his elbow. He will soon start pitching off of a mound again, and from there it is only a matter of item before Wilson plays in games again.

The Giants sit five games back of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NL West, having lost their last two games and six of their last 10. The team needs to snap out of its recent streak of mediocrity in order to make the playoffs.

Wilson could provide a spark for this Giants squad as the season begins approaching its end. Judging by his words, Wilson seems pumped up for the stretch run. Look out, MLB: it's only a matter of time before Wilson is back.