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Prospect Eric Surkamp To Start Saturday, According To Source

Usually I don't like to use 'unamed sources' from a fellow sports blogger, but I'll make an exception in this case: according to Giants blog Giants Double-A prospect Eric Surkamp will make his MLB debut on Saturday against the Houtson Astros. The Giants hadn't named a starter yet, but all signs were pointing to Dan Runzler again, despite his poor showing in his last start with the Black and Orange. 

24 Days of Magic also points out that the Giants Double-A affiliate the Richmond Flying Squirrels have not named a starter for Friday's game, Surkamp's regularly scheduled start. Many a Giants fan is excited to see Surkamp in the bigs, as he is likely the Giants top pitching prospect left after trading Zach Wheeler to the Mets as part of the Carlos Beltran deal. 

Much of this will be contingent upon how much the Giants have to use their bullpen Friday as they could go with a battery of pitchers to get through Saturday's match w/o a true starting pitcher.

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