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Heath Bell Would Accept Arbitration in San Diego

The San Francisco Giants claimed San Diego Padres closer off of waivers on Wednesday, but the All-Star closer isn’t exactly ready to leave sunny SD. Bell told Bill Center of the San Diego Union Tribune that he would accept arbitration from the Padres if the two teams can’t come up with a deal by Friday to send him to San Francisco.

“There is no downside to me accepting arbitration and the family staying in San Diego for at least another year. My kids love it here. My family is happy here.

As a type A free agent, Bell would at least illicit two compensatory draft picks from the Giants to move the All-Star closer, something the Padres would be foolish to do unless they were getting top level talent in return. It’s going to be an interesting couple of days to see how the Giants may or may not make a move to acquire him.