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VIDEO: Eric Surkamp Drives Bryce Harper Insane

So apparently people are all over MLB #1 draft pick and potential headcase Bryce Harper for not keeping his temper straight in a Double-A baseball matchup. But why is no one giving credit for Giants prospect Erik Surkamp putting that pitch in a place (down and away) where Harper would've trouble making contact in the first place?

(via rpm16422)

Surkamp is the next big hope for the San Francisco Giants, and by "hope" I mean "someone capable of replacing Jonathan Sanchez/Barry Zito in the rotation that isn't Aubrey Huff". With the Giants adamantly wagering shrimp cocktails with each other over "who can reach an on-base percentage of .000 the fastest", the need for a fifth quality starting pitcher behind Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Ryan Vogelsong and Madison Bumgarner is fast becoming a necessity.

Thus, Bruce Bochy is expected to call up Surkamp by the year 2021, when Surkamp will have enough veteran experience to know how to do that stuff when it matters, which isn't yesterday against Bryce Harper.

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