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Bryan Stow Assault Case: Key Witness Dies From Peanut Allergy

The Bryan Stow case just got a little crazier as the Los Angeles Times reports that the main witness of Stow's assault, Matthew Lee, is dead. Sources close to the investigation say that Lee, who has an allergy to nuts, died from consuming peanuts in a salad.

Lee was with Stow on the day of Stow's assault at the Dodgers-Giants game on March 31st. After the game, Stow was severely beaten and entered a coma after being beaten by two Dodgers fans. Stow sustained several injuries to his skull.

The attackers are thought to be 29-year-old Louie Sanchez and 30-year-old Marvin Norwood. Lee was scheduled to testify against the pair as a first-hand witness later this month

This whole incident adds one more dark dimension to an already gloomy case. The fact that Stow was beaten this brutally by two fans of a rival team is beyond sickening to sports fans everywhere. The death of Stow's friend and a major witness to the assault just makes the original crime seem all the worse.

Though this incident may hurt prosecutors in the Stow case, police sources say that they have physical evidence, including cellphone records and pictures, that link Sanchez and Norwood to the Dodgers-Giants game that day.

Unfortunately, we may now have a second case related to the Stow assault on our hands. The death of Lee does seem highly unusual, and investigators are currently looking into his death in further detail.