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Scott Hairston Continues To Torture San Francisco Giants Fans

So the San Francisco Giants lost to the New York Mets because they couldn't hit and couldn't get their pitcher enough run support while the other team did. Big whoop. Story of their season. What is odd is that it was Scott Hariston inflicting the pain yet again.

Hairston was renowned for big hits with the San Diego Padres from 2007-09, knocking in twelve homers in late/clutch situations. Last night he took another one yard to lift the Mets to victory. That in itself isn't too odd.

What is odd is the success he's enjoyed against the San Francisco Giants relative to the rest of the league. Hairston knocked in nearly 20% of his home runs against SF during his tenure in San Diego, well more than any other team (and 20% of his RBIs too). Yesterday seemed to continue this eccentric convergence of clutch hitting and hitting against the Giants.

Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles put it succinctly.

Scott Hairston is the devil's bastard child and an ass snake.