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MLB Trade Rumors 2011: Giants Remain Interested In Ramon Hernadez

The San Francisco Giants have already made the biggest splash a t the trade deadline with the acquisition of Carlos Beltran from the Mets, but GM Brian Sabean and the rest of the Giants brain trust are still trying to make moves to make the club even better. 

According to multiple sources, the Cincinnati Reds' Ramon Hernandez is still on the Giants radar as a possible addition to their catching battery of Eli Whiteside and Chris Stewart. There is a bit of a disconnect though because Cincy was said to have taken him 'off the block' because they wanted a veteran backstop for a possible playoff run, but have since fallen 6.5 games back of first place in the NL Central, possibly sparking a bit of a fire sale with the dominant Cardinals, Brewers, and Pirates all ahead of them.

The Reds would be most interested in a pitcher via a trade for Hernandez, making the Giants a likely suitor for his services. The Giants have been eyeing the catcher market ever since Buster Posey went down for the season, and may have been waiting for just the right moment to jump on a player like Hernandez. 

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