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MLB Trade Deadline Rumors 2011: Giants Pitcher Barry Zito Scratched From Sunday Start

Maybe the San Francisco Giants aren't satisfied with just trading for Carlos Beltran. Andrew Baggarly noted that pitcher Barry Zito is slated for Sunday's start...but the Giants are listing Sunday's starter as TBA. Manager Bruce Bochy said that Zito is fine and that Jonathan Sanchez won't be taking that start. The only other possibility is probably Eric Surkamp from the Double-A Eastern League, who is nearby in Trenton (the Giants are playing in Philadelphia right now), although it seems like a bit of a leap to put him out there this early.

So if Zito isn't going this weekend, there might be a slight possibility San Francisco is making a move for another pitcher.

It'd be hard to believe the Giants have a suitor for Zito's obese contract given his erratic performance history in the Bay Area. Maybe some team might want a pitcher to complete their rotation, some team might want to drive up alcohol sales in their city as their fans binge-drink their way to sleep. The plot will only thicken as the weekend draws closer.

That being said Giants fans, don't get your hopes up.

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