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2011 MLB Trade Deadline News: Carlos Beltran To The Giants Imminent

According to multiple sources all across the board the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets are at the "one-yard line" for completing a trade for slugger Carlos Beltran

The deal is far from finalized and likely won't be announced officially until later today or even tomorrow as Beltran has to OK the deal himself through his no-trade clause, and the news coming in about trade details is fluid and rapidly changing. The one name that multiple sources are naming is prospect pitcher Zack Wheeler, while others are throwing names like Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez and prospect outfielder Gary Brown. The Giants likely wouldn't trade away both Brown and Wheeler, and some reports are claiming that, as well as Sanchez staying with the Black and Orange. 

Obviously this situation is chock full of rumor an innuendo, but stay with SB Nation Bay Area for up to the minute coverage of the Giants presumably landing the biggest bat available at the trade deadline.