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Giants vs. Phillies News: Tim Lincecum Scratched For Tuesday's Start With the Flu

Only a few hours before game time at Citizen’s Bank Park the San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum will unfortunately be scratched from his scheduled start on Tuesday do to a serious case of the stomach flu.

Apparently something he ate did not settle right with him, causing him to feel ill last night. Timmy had tried to fight through it and make his start anyway, but both him and the team felt it best for him to get his necessary rest and skip his start. Lincecum will be replaced with Wednesday’s starter Barry Zito in the rotation, with Timmy’s return still yet to be determined. Zito will get a chance to redeem himself from his horrible start in San Diego two weeks ago where he allowed eight earned runs in only three and 2/3 innings.

If he is healthy enough on Wednesday he will start in Zito's orignal spot, but if he isn't Matt Cain will also get pushed up a day and Timmy will pitch the finale of the series.

In other team news bench coach Ron Wotus will serve a one game suspension tonight stemming from his ejection on Saturday after arguing ball and strikes with home plate umpire against the Brewers.

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