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Two Suspects Arrested In Bryan Stow Assault Case As Giovanni Ramirez Is Exonerated

The Bryan Stow assault case has taken another turn as the LA Times is reporting that new suspects have been arrested and Giovanni Ramirez has been exonerated with these new arrests. Ramirez was arrested on May 22 after a tip from his parole officer led the LAPD to his apartment. The police had not charged Ramirez yet but rather were holding him on a parole violation that earned him a ten month prison sentence.

Recently however, the LAPD announced they had taken two suspects into custody but there is no specific word at this point whether those arrests cleared Ramirez, or whether Ramirez was cleared independently. Given the LAPD’s use of press conferences to provide updates thus far, one has to wonder if the LAPD will hold off releasing more information at this point.

The case against Ramirez had been based on eyewitness identifications, which the LAPD chief had said were difficult to prosecute. The LAPD has been continuing its investigation since the arrest of Ramirez but had struggled to find additional evidence. For now we wait until further information comes out about the two new suspects.