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Giants vs. Tigers, Rain Delay: News & Notes During the Rain Delay

The San Francisco Giants had a huge first inning against Max Scherzer and the Detroit Tigers, taking an early 5-0 lead after homers by Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Crawford. Cody Ross added another RBI in the third with a double before the rains came in.

San Francisco Chronicle beat writer Hank Schulman fears the worst for the rest of the game. via Twitter:

I can’t answer the central question of whether this game gets going again. That’s an awful lot of water for the field, track to absorb

It’s still too early for the game to be called complete, so they would have to come back early tomorrow and finish it up.

Mr. Schulman also brings us a bit of news of second baseman Freddy Sanchez, claiming that he is taking light swings with a Fungo bat and is “very optimistic about where he’s at” according to skipper Bruce Bochy. Although hesitant to give a concrete answer, Bochy sees a possible August return for Freddy if all goes well.

Barry Zito is hanging in there through two innings pitched before the delay. He’s allowed two hits and one walk thus far.

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