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Trade Deadline News 2011: Mets, Giants Seemingly At An Impasse Over Carlos Beltran

I'm sure that there are few things a San Francisco Giants fan wants to hear less than the fact that they likely won't acquire the Mets' Carlos Beltran. But guess what, I'm saying it now. 

Last week during the All-Star break it was looking very promising that the Mets and Giants could strike a deal for Beltran. Carlos along with shortstop Jose Reyes traveled to Arizona with the Giants on their charter flight over there, Beltran said he'd waive his no trade clause, there was palpable buzz surrounding both clubs that Beltran wanted to go to a true contender; a place where he would be adored by fans and lead a team to the promise land. 

Well that's all good and fine, but it likely wont be in the Black and Orange. 

Here's the situation as I see it: The Giants are more than willing to take on the cash that Beltran is owed for the rest of 2011, especially seeing GM Brian Sabean has already said he'd essentially buy a 'rental player' for the rest of 2011. What Sabean won't give up, and what the Mets truly want out of a possible Beltran deal, are top prospects to fill their roster with. Sabean is unwilling to trade guys like Gary Brown, Andrew Kown, Zach Wheeler, or any other up-an-coming Giant, thus meaning the Giants have little to nothing to offer the Mets that would wet their appetite enough to deal their All-Star. Teams that are less dependent on home-grown talent and building around youngsters (like the Red Sox or Phillies) would be much more amenable to make a deal the Mets would take then the Giants, even with all the hoopla created during the break about Beltran and San Francisco. 

In reality Sabean will probably go dumpster diving again in waiver claims, trying to piece together some additions to the club that can make them better, if only marginally.  Miguel Tejada and Cody Ross have started to have better at bats and are producing once again, but will it last? Giants fans have been waiting for years now for a possible replacement for slugger Barry Bonds in their lineup; Pablo Sandoval and Aubrey Huff are the closest things they have to it now, and are far cries from it. It's obvious this team needs another significant bat, but sadly it more than likely won't be Beltran.