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MLB Trade Deadline News 2011: Source: Mets Willing To Pay Carlos Beltran's Remaining Salary

With the list of possible places for Carlos Beltran to land mounting up, the New York Mets are trying to sweeten a possible deal. 

A source told ESPN New York Monday afternoon that the Mets are completely willing to cover the rest of Beltran's 2011 salary if the right deal came along, one that preferably would be rich with talented youngsters on their way up to the majors. Beltran is in the final season of his seven year, $119 million contract and is owed approximately $6 million more for the rest of 2011.

New York's financial hardships along with another lackluster season thus far leaves GM Sandy Alderson on the precipice of a fire sale, claiming that he will wait until closer to the deadline to see if his team can get into a playoff race before selling off his talent. 

As it pertains to the San Francisco Giants, GM Brian Sabean said he is willing to take on "rental players" this season, but is unwilling to give away top notch prospects from the team's minor league affiliates, seemingly leaving the team between a rock and a hard place in terms of acquiring Beltran. Should be interesting to see how this general manager tango will pan out over the next few weeks. 

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