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VIDEO: Brian Wilson Sports A Spandex-Tuxedo at ESPY Awards

That's right, he took it there. 

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson was in attendance at the ESPY awards Tuesday evening in Los Angeles, and was pretty hard to miss; well, at least more than usual. Wilson sported a spandex tuxedo onesie equipped with white gloves, orange bow tie, black sunglasses, and a black walking cane, quickly making himself the talk of the red carpet. Needless to say, Wilson wasn't trying to go unnoticed, and his getup is one that words can do no service. Make the jump for a few different videos of Wilson letting his freak flag fly.   

Here's a clip of Wilson on the red carpet before the awards show talking with ESPN's Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle, sporting their very own fake beards. Wilson explains his outfit, in all it's glory.

BRIAN WILSON 2011 ESPY'S (via tbmallday)


Now here's a clip of Wilson doing a promo for the ESPY's fan voting for play of the year. As always, Wilson is incapable of entertainment once he opens his mouth.

Brian Wilson at ESPY's 2011 wearing his Tuxedo Superfan Suit. (via SuperFanSuits)

Finally, here's the clip of Seth Myers' entire monologue from the beginning of the ESPY's, where he gets some good jabs in against Wilson's outfit as well as his now storied beard. Myers gets right into it, starting his ribbing about 40 seconds into it.   

Seth's Monlogue - 2011 ESPYs (via ESPN)


Just to giving it a finishing touch, here's a link to a great shot of his whole outfit. Ridiculous.