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MLB All-Star Game 2011: Pablo Sandoval Hits RBI Double to Extend NL Lead

After waiting six innings before even a sighting of a San Francisco Giant on the field during the 2011 MLB All-Star Game Pablo Sandoval made a grand entrance in the bottom of the seventh. He enter the game an inning before to replace the Reds Scott Rolen at third base, but got his first at bat against the Mariners Brandon League

Houston's Hunter Pence started the the inning off with a single, then advanced all the way to third with Pablo batting after the Orioles Matt Wieters couldn't handle one of League's breaking balls. Pablo worked the count full, then slapped an opposite field ground rule double over the corner of the left field fence to score Pence, and extend the National League's lead to 5-1. 

Unofficially, Pablo extended his hitting streak to 22 straight games after taking a 21 game streak into the break. Pablo represents the first Giants positional player since 2007 to make the All-Star team. The last one? You guessed it, Barry Bonds