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VIDEO: Hilarious Outtakes From Showtime's "The Franchise" Promo Videos

Baseball fans everywhere are excited about the season premiere of "The Franchise: A Season With The San Francisco Giants" on Showtime on Wednesday, July 13; so much so that some folks can't help but make parody videos about it. The fellas over at Batting Stance Guy, the creators of the Brian Wilson Fitness Minute, have created a short clip of 'promo outtakes' featuring prominent San Francisco Giants players such as Tim Lincecum, Brian Wilson, Pablo Sandoval, Barry Zito, Andres Torres, and more. Make the jump to see the video, and even if your aren't a Giants fan you'll definitely appreciate this guy's sense of humor.

The Batting Stance Guy is Gar Ryness, a YouTube sensation that first burst on the scene with his classic imitations of famous batting stances in baseball history. He's so good in fact he can imitate each player in the starting lineups for all 30 major league clubs, and has even toured around MLB ballparks dong his schtick. He and his buddies have now expanded their forte to hilarious satirical videos as well, which I bring to you now without commercial interruption:


"The Franchise" Promo Outtakes (via BattingStances)