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2011 Home Run Derby Tweets: Gio Gonzalez, World, Shocked By Robinson Cano's Performance

After blasting shots of 460 and 479 feet, New York Yankee Robinson Cano is sending baseballs into orbit at Chase Field during the 2011 Home Run Derby. And like everyone in the stands and all of us watching at home Oakland A's All-Star Gio Gonzalez tweets about the impressive feats Cano is blasting into the stands. 

Nooooo nooooo noooo Cano! Wow 460!less than a minute ago via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply


Although he hasn't hit the most out of all the contestants yet, Cano has definitely been the most impressive. Some of those shots he launched looked like they were never, ever going to come down, landing in spots that baseballs almost never land at Chase Field. I can only imagine the view from the field that Gio has right now, I bet it's incredibly impressive to watch in person. 

So far Gio and his American League squad is getting a lot more homers than their National League counterparts, but it is still incredibly early and this is a National League ballpark. Time to show some NL pride guys!