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2011 Home Run Derby Tweets: A's Starter Gio Gonzalez Chooses Adrian Gonzalez to Win Home Run Derby

Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez in hanging out at the Home Run Derby at Chase Field Monday night, and is making some predictions on his twitter account as to who the eventual winner will be. Gio chose a fellow American Leaguer as the victor, Boston Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez:


Now, picking Adrian isnt exactly going out on a limb per se, seeing that he has 17 bombs already this season and is batting over .350 heading into the All-Star break. Perhaps Gio is a bit impartial towards the Bo Sox slugger, considering the have the same name. It must just roll off the tounge for him to say "Gonzalez won the Home Run Derby!"

But out of all the American League players in the Derby this year, I think I'd go with Adiran as well. Gonzalez's teammate David Ortiz has been killing it, and the Blue Jays Jose Bautista is hitting homers like he's playing in a little league stadium, but I think you can't get too hyped up for the Derby; you have to keep your even keel, which Gonzalez does effortlessly. Plus Adrian has played a whole lote of games at Chase Field when he was with the San Diego Padres; he knows how to hit here and where it's easiest for the ball to go out. Can't wait to see if Gio is proven right.