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VIDEO: After Second Blown Save in Two Days, Brian Wilson Destroys Gatorade Jug

The mysteries inside Brian Wilson's beard include raw strength and emotion, both of which came to the surface Friday night in a major way. After being relieved by Jeremy Affledt with his second blown save in as many days, Wilson decided to go off on a Gatorade jug in the dugout, evening including a teammate's baseball bat for maximum damage inflicted. Make the jump to check out the video, and like Wilson himself, it's awesome. 

The four hits and two earned runs allowed by the Bearded Savior is most definitely outside of his norm, and even more so is blowing two saves in back-to-back opportunities. There is rarely a time he takes the mound where it doesn't get interesting; a walk here, an hit there. But even rarer still is an opportunity when the Giants have more than a marginal lead, which is why his saves are always so intense. 

But the self-certified ninja definitely lost his zen-like focus tonight, going absolutely ballistic on the Gatorade a la Carlos Zambrano, as well as some shots on the concrete wall with the bat. Check out the video for yourself, it is spectacular. 

The Comerica Park cleaning crew must love to see this kind of thing happen...

Stay Delicious everybody.....especially you Gatorade. 

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