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2011 MLB All Star Voting Results: Texas Rangers Extensively Representing AL West

Major League Baseball released the second round of American League 2011 All Star Game balloting results and yet again the Oakland Athletics remain off the ballot. The A's are likely looking at a season with only one representative, which this year would be either Trevor Cahill or Gio Gonzalez. They've lost 60% of their stellar pitching staff to injury and Andrew Bailey is only just now coming off the disabled list. And the offense? Well, the less said the better.

The AL West however does get extensive representation, primarily from the Texas Rangers. The Angels (Maicer Izturis, 5th among 3B) and Mariners (Ichiro, 4th among OF) each have one person showing up in the results. On the other hand, the Rangers have representatives at every position and Josh Hamilton is currently third among outfielders in spite of his extensive absence.

As it currently stands, Yorvit Torrealba is fifth among catchers. Mitch Moreland is fourth among first basemen. Ian Kinsler is third among second basemen. Adrian Beltre is second among third basemen. Michael Young is second among designated hitters. Finally, alongside Hamilton, Nelson Crus is sixth among outfielders. It's interesting that two of their top All Star reps have mixed time with injuries.


Russell Martin, Yankees: 1,317,557
Joe Mauer, Twins: 829,073
Alex Avila, Tigers: 722,385
Carlos Santana, Indians: 588,407
Yorvit Torrealba, Rangers: 515,274

Mark Teixeira, Yankees: 1,333,445
Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox: 1,268,706
Miguel Cabrera, Tigers: 962,242
Mitch Moreland, Rangers: 453,354
Paul Konerko, White Sox: 370,897

Robinson Cano, Yankees: 1,930,762
Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox: 963,996
Ian Kinsler, Rangers: 782,285
Orlando Cabrera, Indians: 577,746
Ben Zobrist, Rays: 518,942

Alex Rodriguez, Yankees: 1,515,188
Adrian Beltre, Rangers: 1,224,381
Evan Longoria, Rays: 939,549
Kevin Youkilis, Red Sox: 852,260
Maicer Izturis, Angels: 283,131

Derek Jeter, Yankees: 1,454,795
Asdrubal Cabrera, Indians: 1,162,728
Elvis Andrus, Rangers: 831,061
Yunel Escobar, Blue Jays: 482,614
Jhonny Peralta, Tigers: 344,198

David Ortiz, Red Sox: 1,160,590
Michael Young, Rangers: 1,033,514
Jorge Posada, Yankees: 626,495
Travis Hafner, Indians: 575,407
Johnny Damon, Rays: 544,421

Jose Bautista, Blue Jays: 2,142,867
Curtis Granderson, Yankees: 1,725,654
Josh Hamilton, Rangers: 1,229,040
Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners: 970,622
Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox: 871,897
Nelson Cruz, Rangers: 768,115
Carl Crawford, Red Sox: 747,644
Nick Swisher, Yankees: 712,924
Grady Sizemore, Indians: 616,328
Brett Gardner, Yankees: 597,890
Jeff Francoeur, Royals: 573,420
Shin-Soo Choo, Indians: 524,758
J.D. Drew, Red Sox: 501,187
Matt Joyce, Rays: 497,847
Sam Fuld, Rays: 433,784