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Pablo Sandoval Goes Off In First Rehab Start, Could Soon Replace Miguel Tejada For Giants

Based on this description by Grant at McCovey Chronicles, the San Francisco Giants could use some offense right now. Thankfully, the guy the Giants might need could be on his way back, and they're very familiar with his work. 

Pablo Sandoval has been one of the mainstays for San Francisco's offense the past few years, but a wrist injury has had him sidelined for quite some time. However, in his first rehab start since the injury in Triple-A, Sandoval not only received much fanfare from the crowd in Fresno, but proved the wrist might be the last thing anyone will have to worry about. His performance was classic Kung Fu Panda. Video after the jump.

How much of an impact will the return of Pablo Sandoval have on this season's incarnation of the Giants: Great effect, some effect, no effect at all? Let us know in the comments!

One homer, one sacrifice fly, one beating out of a double play, four RBIs, a 12-4 crushing by the Fresno Grizzlies. All old hat for Giants fans.

If Sandoval is to return to the Giants roster (and you'd imagine it'll be soon), the club will have to make a decision on who to send down. Would it be Miguel Tejada, who has been struggling mightily at the bat? The third baseman could give them a huge offensive boost, so it wouldn't be surprising if Tejada's journey with the Giants is about to be interrupted, potentially for good.