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San Francisco Giants 2011 MLB Draft Picks: Ricky Oropesa Video Highlights Power Swing Against UCLA

The San Francisco Giants used their 116th overall pick on first baseman Ricky Oropesa out of USC, and when they took him, the Giants knew what they were in for. Oropesa has insane power, maybe one of the most powerful bats in this year's draft, and there's video to prove it.

Here's a clip from a 2010 game against UCLA that Oropesa takes Erik Goeddel yard on the second pitch he sees:

USC Sophomore 1B Ricky Oropesa (vs. UCLA) (via rkyosh007)

You can tell that Ricky has one thing on his mind at the plate, and that's to absolutely destroy the baseball. He generates a lot of his power is his legs and hips, almost turning his back to the ball before uncoiling his devastatingly smooth swing. It almost looks too easy for him here, like Goeddel gift-wrapped a fastball for him. Let's just hope that Ricky can turn out more like his first base counterpart Brandon Belt or maybe even an Albert Pujols, instead of someone like Pedro Cerrano.

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