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2011 MLB Draft Results: Giants Pick 1B Ricky Oropesa, USC

With their third round pick, the San Francisco Giants selected first baseman Ricky Oropesa out of the University of Southern California. While Oroposea is not a five-tool player, he brings serious plus power to the table. While he might have some questions about his ability to make contact, but apparently he made adjustments needed to get a bit better at making contact.

His numbers were a bit down this year compared to previous years but he lacked much in the way of protection in the USC lineup. Even with the down numbers, the consensus seems to be that nobody in college can really rival his power stroke at this point:

The book on Oropesa is simple: the pure power in his pretty left-handed stroke is nearly unrivaled among college hitters, but he's still vulnerable against curveballs and left-handed pitchers of all kinds.

Head over to to view a full scouting report and video of Oropesa.

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