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2011 MLB Draft Results: Giants Pick Catcher Andrew Susac, Oregon State

The San Francisco Giants made their first pick of day two of the 2011 MLB Draft and I'd imagine many would not be surprised that they went the catcher route with this pick. After Buster Posey went down with his leg and ankle injury two weeks ago, a lot of fans immediately began wondering if Posey would be moved to first base for the rest of his career. This pick doesn't mean that will happen immediately, but it certainly must have the Giants considering the future.

The Giants may have scored a bit of a steal with this pick as Susac is ranked 35th overall by and 27th overall by Keith Law. In fact, law rates him as the number two catcher in this draft. In reviewing the various scouting reports, Susac appears to be a guy who will hit for decent power but only if he can develop better contact. He's got the skills to be an every day catcher with upside as a hitter. Nonetheless, questions remain about how his bat will end up developing. From

He does have average raw power, mostly to the pull side, with more gap power to other fields. That could mean 15-20 homers annually, if he can make enough contact to tap into that power, something some have concerns about. He's a bit of a guess hitter and uses a big leg lift in his swing.

Head over to to view a full scouting report and video of Susac.

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