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San Francisco Giants 2011 MLB Draft Picks: Kyle Crick Video Showcases Youngster's Promise

All of the great pitching that has come from the San Francisco Giants farm system over the past few years is very impressive, but also came from years of being much higher in the draft due to poor season of play. Now the Giants are World Champs, but still seek great pitching talent; which they believe they've found in high schooler Kyle Crick out of Sherman, Texas.

Unfortunately for San Francisco Crick is currently scheduled to attend TCU in the fall, but still could possibly opt out and stay in the minor leagues. If he does, here is a look at what the Giants and their fans may get to see. Crick is a big body out on the mound, and throws a very heavy ball with a nice slider as well. He also works with a straight change-up, rounding out his solid trio of pitches, and would likely only get stronger and better within the Giants farm system.

Here's a look at Kyle in April pitching three innings down in Sherman. The video is a bit long but you can jump threw it and watch some of his sequences. He works very quickly, looking comfortable and in control while showcasing his stuff:

04.22.11 Gus Daniel catching Kyle Crick (via gusdaniel2012)

We'll be here for the next three days covering the 2011 MLB Draft. For more in-depth discussion about the Giants head to McCovey Chronicles. For more general minor league and draft discussion, check out Minor League Ball and Baseball Nation.