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San Francisco Giants 2011 MLB Draft Picks: Joe Panik Video Shows Off His Hitting Skills

The San Francisco Giants have had a lot of recent success with their draft picks. Tim Lincecum, Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain; all home-grown talent that the Giants minor league affiliates help foster and grow. Now the Giants used their first round choice in the 2011 MLB Draft not on a pitcher, like many other teams on day one, but on shortstop Joe Panik out of St. John's University. The first middle infielder the Giants have drafted since 1988, Panik isn't a huge guy but has some sneaky power, and we've got video to prove it. 

Here's a look at Joe Panik's swing during a three game set between St. John's and West Virginia. You'll notice he's got a very solid swing, showing some balanced, strong cuts at the plate. Towards the end of the video there are some nice shots of Panik is slow motion where you can examine his fluid swing more carefully. 

Joe Panik (04-10-2010) West Virginia at St Johns - At Bat (via CamdenDepot)

We'll be here for the next three days covering the 2011 MLB Draft. For more in-depth discussion about the Giants head to McCovey Chronicles. For more general minor league and draft discussion, check out Minor League Ball and Baseball Nation.