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MLB Draft Results 2011: Tampa Bay Rays Select James Harris, Oakland Tech High School

The Tampa Bay Rays continued to add Bay Area talent in the compensation round of the 2011 MLB Draft by adding OF James Harris from Oakland Technical High School. For those who think the school name sounds familiar, it's the alma mater of Rickey Henderson.

Harris brings solid speed particularly given the fact that he transitioned over from basketball to baseball. According to Keith Law, Harris projects as a decent bat who will need to develop his pitch recognition. He's got the speed where if he can consistently get on base he could develop into a solid offensive threat. He's got the speed to cover a lot of ground in defense but appears to have a below average arm. He's a project for now but has significant potential.

The San Jose Mercury News has a solid article on Harris as he looks to follow in the list of notable greats who played in the Oakland Athletic League.

We'll be here for the next three days covering the 2011 MLB Draft for the San Francisco Giants, the Oakland Athletics, and Bay Area baseball products. For more in-depth discussion about the Giants head to McCovey Chronicles. For more on the A's head over to Athletics Nation. For more general minor league and draft discussion, check out Minor League Ball and Baseball Nation.