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MLB Draft Results 2011: Tampa Bay Rays Select Tyler Goeddel Out Of Mountain View's St. Francis High School

The Tampa Bay Rays used one of their numerous first day picks in the 2011 MLB Draft to select Mountain View resident 3B Tyler Goeddel from St. Francis High School. Keith Law put together a scouting report on Goeddel and views him as a guy with above average bat speed and average to above average tools across the board. The big plus for him has been his ability to consistently play up to the competition. Although he might lack any sort of lights out tools, if he can play up at each level he could find himself steadily moving up the Rays farm system.

Right now Goeddel will start his climb through the minors at third base. However, Law views him as a guy who will outgrow the third base position and likely end up as a right fielder who can make a solid contribution on defense. Head over to to view some video of Goeddel.

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