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Buster Posey Looking to Move Beyond Controversy with Scott Cousins

No matter you're opinion on the subject, the Scott Cousins/Buster Posey controversy has been an unfortunate distraction to the San Francisco Giants , Florida Marlins, and really almost all of baseball. But Buster is over having other people speak for him, so he made an official statement Saturday. Buster made sure to point out that he agrees with the Giants official statement  made on Friday, but also wanted it known that for the sake of moving beyond all this feels no need to speak with Scott Cousins. Make the jump to see what Buster had to say. 

"I appreciate the continued support of Giants fans and others as I begin the process of working my way back," Posey said. "But in no way do I condone threats of any kind against Scott Cousins or his family.    

Buster is an all business type of guy, and is looking at his time off the exact same way:

"My only focus right now is looking forward, getting healthy and returning to catching for the Giants."

All of this discussion and distraction from this issue effects everyone; players, coaches, fans, the media, everyone. I don't see Buster as a type of guy who wants attention brought onto him, especially when he isn't even with the team. He understands that it may be a controversy that is talked about for a while longer, but hopefully his statements will begin to quell all of the interruption and just get back to baseball:

"As I said last week, I'm not out to vilify Scott. I appreciate that he made the effort to reach out to me on the night of the play, but I was in no physical condition to talk to anyone. I have not been back with the team since that night, so I haven't even been aware of any other messages he's left for me. We all need to move on, so it isn't necessary to have a conversation with him at this point.

Like the old adage says, there's no point crying over spilt milk. It's time to for everyone to except reality and focus on the team the Giants have, not the one they might have had.