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Giants vs. Rockies MLB Schedule Preview: Madison Bumgarner Looking For Third Straight Win

The San Francisco Giants will look to keep things going against the Colorado Rockies in game two, after a 3-1 win in game one. It almost felt odd to see them go off with seven off more runs and some form of grand slam ... wouldn't that just be swell if they were able to make that some kind of trend? With Buster Posey out, it's the last thing we've all expected, but we'll also take whatever we can get, yeah?

Madison Bumgarner is going to the mound tonight for San Francisco, and he's looking for his third straight win. He's currently sporting a 2-6 record, which doesn't reflect how well he's pitched this season, starting 0-6 was certainly not something anybody predicted, but he's started to get to the level he wants to be at. In four starts against the NL West rival Rockies though, he's 0-2 with a 3.52 ERA.

It's probably good for him then, that the Rockies are having trouble all throughout their team as of late. Their pitching is shaky, and when it's on point, their hitting disappears completely. This year, he got a no-decision in a Giants 3-2 win, giving up only one run in six innings on the mound.

On the flip-side, Jhoulys Chacin is looking to avoid his third straight loss today. He is sporting a much better record than Bumgarner, however, at 5-4, and could seemingly turn it back on at any point. He's got a 3.33 ERA on the season and gave up four runs in six innings against the St. Louis Cardinals in his last outing. Chacin also has a better record against the Giants than Bumgarner does against Colorado, going 2-1 in three starts with a 2.14 ERA.

Bumgarner will be hoping for run support, hopefully a little more than the three that Matt Cain got (probably a record for him, though). Cody Ross doubled in two runs and scored one of his own in game one, and he'll continue to be counted on as "the guy" in the absence of Pablo Sandoval and the aforementioned Posey.

The game is set for 1:10 p.m. pacific and will be on FOX.