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MLB Standings Update: Giants Pad Lead in NL West with Winning Streak

Just a week ago it was looking like the Arizona Diamondbacks were really starting to put it all together and play some great baseball, leap frogging the 2010 champs for the top spot in the NL West. But what a difference a week makes, as the San Francisco Giants popped off for a five game winning streak to take back the division lead as they head to Wrigley to take on the Cubs.

The D'backs are losers of their last three, dropping to 43-37 on the year and two full games behind the Giants. Colorado is currently on a three game streak of their own, but still sit 6 games back and are looking to make up ground. The Dodgers spanked the Twins on Monday 15-0, but remain eight games under .500 and 9 games behind the Giants. The Padres have taken their last two games against the Royals at Petco, but are 10 games under .500 and 10 games back in the division.

NL West Standings

San Francisco 44 34 .564 0 Won 5
Arizona 43 37 .537 2 Lost 3
Colorado 38 40 .487 6 Lost 3
Los Angeles 36 44 .450 9 Won 2
San Diego 35 45 .437 10 Won 2

(updated 6.28.2011 at 9:55 AM PDT)

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