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VIDEO: Buster Posey Talks About His Progress, Goals During Time Off

It's been about a month since San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey was taken out at the plate, effectively ending his 2011 campaign. CSN Bay Area's Amy Gutierrez caught up with the 2010 Rookie of the Year to see how he's been doing, what he's been up to, and how he's preparing himself to come back 100%. Make the Jump to watch the interview, Buster always keeps it classy. 

Buster made his return with the team at the beginning of the Twins series, and stated that he has little to no pain in his ankle but still can't put ant pressure on his foot for another six plus weeks or so. He admitted that it is hard to go from playing everyday and being engulfed in the game to basically doing nothing, so he has set his sights on getting into the "best shape of my life" for next season, and is lifting weights and doing what he can to make that happen. 

Buster also had some nice things to say about the team, and shows the fans his little get-around machine that looks like a lot of fun if you weren't in a cast. Check it out!


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