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Bryan Stow Assault Case: Giovanni Ramirez Sentenced To Ten Months For Parole Violation

Monday morning, parole officials determined that there was sufficient evidence to send Giovanni Ramirez back to prison for violating the terms of his parole. He was sentenced to ten months for the parole violation. Ramirez was arrested on May 22 in connection with the assault on Bryan Stow outside of Dodger Stadium. During the arrest, police found a gun in a laundry basket in his apartment and as a parolee he is not allowed to have a weapon.

Ramirez had not yet been charged in connection with the Stow assault as the LAPD has been working to gather more evidence. Although the police were reportedly were satisfied with a lineup identification, prosecutors apparently did not feel there was enough evidence to charge Ramirez in the assault.

In spite of all these obstacles in the assault case, the parole violation now means Ramirez will remain in custody for ten more months. One would hope this provides ample time for the police to gather more evidence in the assault case. The police are still looking for a second assailant and a getaway driver as they continue their investigation into the attack on Bryan Stow.