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Bryan Stow Assault Case: Giovanni Ramirez Awaits Results Of Parole Revocation Hearing

A month ago this Wednesday, Giovanni Ramirez was arrested for his alleged involvement in the beating of Bryan Stow. He appeared to resemble one of the two police sketch artist drawings and his parole officer called it in based on that resemblance. Since then, Ramirez has undergone two polygraphs and been through a police lineup.

Since being arrested, the hold has gone from being an assault suspect to a simple parole violation. He is still a suspect in Bryan Stow’s assault but he has been held beyond the normally expected time due to alleged violations of his parole. When Ramirez was arrested on May 22, police found a gun in a laundry basket in his home. On Monday Ramirez is getting a parole revocation hearing to determine if there is sufficient evidence to prove he violated his parole.

According to the local ABC7 station, if the parole revocation hearing decides there is not sufficient evidence and releases him, the police will then re-arrest him on the Stow charges. Prosecutors would then have a much more limited time (likely no more than a few days) to decide whether to press charges against Ramirez in the Stow assault.