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Bryan Stow Assault Case: Suspect Giovanni Ramirez Completes Two Lie Detector Tests

Giovanni Ramirez, the lone suspect arrested thus far in the Bryan Stow assault case officially underwent two polygraph tests on Wednesday. Ramirez’s attorneys issued one lie-detector test and that was followed up by a lie detector test issued by the LAPD. Results have not been publicized.

Ramirez remains in jail on parole violation hold but has yet to be charged with any crime related to Bryan Stow’s assault. He actually will have to appear in court at some point in the next week as he has a probable cause hearing next week in Nevada in an attempted murder case. He is a suspect in a gang shooting in Henderson, Nevada that occurred earlier this year. An arrest warrant has not yet been issued so the probable cause hearing will likely take place at the end of next week.

In the meantime, we get to wait and wonder what the next step will be in the LAPD investigation. Once they’ve analyzed the polygraph results one would imagine we might finally get an assault-related charge brought against Ramirez.