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Fresno Grizzlies Boast 33rd Highest Paid Athlete In The World

Thursday night the Fresno Grizzlies host the Tacoma Rainiers in a game that will feature the Grizzlies debut of one of the highest paid athletes in the world, Barry Zito. Sports Illustrated released their annual list of the highest paid athletes in sports and Barry Zito came in No. 33 behind NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson and ahead of Milwaukee Bucks guard Michael Redd. Zito is scheduled to make $18.6 million courtesy of $18.5 million in salary and $100,000 in endorsements.

While I don't know how much the other members of the Grizzlies are earning this year, I'd bet all of Barry Zito's $18.6 million that they combine to make less than their new starter. Even with some other big leaguers rehabbing in Fresno, it's probably not all that close.

But in all seriousness, the Giants are soon going to find themselves in a bit of a pickle as Zito closes in on being ready to return to San Francisco. At some point they have to decide between putting Zito in the bullpen, going with a six man rotation, or putting Zito back into the rotation. It sounds like Bochy is not inclined to go with a six man rotation, so that leaves the Giants to decide what to do in light of the strong season Ryan Vogelsong is putting together since filling in for the injured Zito.

Giants fans, what would you do with Zito and the rest of the starting rotation considering the Giants can't just release him?