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San Francisco Giants Injury Update: Freddy Sanchez Shoulder Prognosis Six Weeks Away

The fate of San Francisco Giants second baseman Freddy Sanchez for 2011 is on hold. The Giants aren't quite ready to part with one of their best hitters, so they want to give Sanchez every chance they can get to make sure he's fully recovered. They'll give Sanchez's shoulder six more weeks to rehab and rest up before they make a further determination on what to do.

The replacements are holding their own. Mike Fontenot doesn't hit too well, but he gets on base at a reasonable clip for a second baseman. There's also Bill Hall, the Giants call-up who could provide a fresh new face of promise to an organization that has had some surprises out of their farm system lately. Worst comes to worst, the Giants can put Brandon Crawford at second and place Miguel Tejada (their best friend forever) back at shortstop.

There's a lot of ways they can go, but none of them work as well as Sanchez's shoulder making a big-time recovery before August.

Giants fans, what should the plan be at second base? Of Hall, Fontenot, Crawford, who do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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